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IN CONSIDERATION of being permitted to participate as an exhibitor at the Experience Green ("EG") event described below ("Event"), the undersigned ("Participant"), acknowledging that it is participating voluntarily, in the Event, understands and agrees as follows:
The Participant shall comply with all setup and exhibit operation guidelines set forth by EG per event;
EG assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in or on the Event premises or used in connection with the Event;
EG, its directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively, "EG Affiliates") are hereby expressly released and discharged by the Participant from any and all liabilities for any loss, injury or damages to person or property through any cause, including negligence, that may be sustained by reason of participation in the Event;
The Participant shall indemnify and hold harmless EG, the EG Affiliates, and any of them, from losses, damages, liabilities or causes of action arising from or related to participation by the Participant in the Event or Participant's violation of the terms of this Agreement;
The Participant shall comply with all laws of the United States, the State of South Carolina, all ordinances of the County in which the Event is located, and all rules and requirements of the police and fire departments, and other relevant municipal authorities of such County, will obtain and pay for all necessary permits and licenses, and will not do, nor suffer to be done, anything on the Event premises in violation of any such laws, ordinances, rules or requirements; and in the event of any such violation by Participant, any person employed or admitted to the Event premises by, or acting on behalf of Participant, it will immediately desist from and correct such violation; and
Participant has read, understands and agrees to the terms above, under which it is permitted to participate in the above Event(s) as an exhibitor.

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