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Live Green workshops engage participants in experiential learning of green living practices for their everyday lifestyle to improve their quality of life, and save money while protecting resources.

Each workshop hosts guest speakers, presentations, information about tools, and resources to go green, as well as fun, interactive learning and discussion. Workshops are based on the local, national, and global aspects of comprehensive sustainability — environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and financial opportunity.

How can Live Green impact your life?
• help you save money through resource-use efficiency 
• connect your actions with the world around you 
• develop relationships with your neighbors and connect you to the community 
• teach you how to implement eco-friendly activities in your daily routine 
• improve your quality of life through healthy living

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Green GolfWhen: May 13 & 14, 6:00pm
What:  FOOD: by Land or Sea - Sustainability Never Tasted So Good 
Where: May 13 - Myrtle's Event Space 32 Bruin Road, Bluffton
May 14 - Palmetto Electric, 111 Mathews Drive, Hilton Head Island
   *Community room is located on back side of the building

Network Green: Immediately following the presentation with fresh local delicacies for all, prepared on site by Chef Brooks Rinehart!

Sponsored by:  Marriott
Cosponsored by:  Healthy Culinary Concepts and The Island Packet

Chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, fishermen, and ALL WHO LOVE FOOD are invited to an evening of fun learning about sustainability for produce and seafood—including a tasting of local delicacies prepared on site! This experience focuses on balancing the needs of the environment and the world’s population (and how they impact our economy) as related to a basic human need—FOOD!

marriottExperience Green welcomes Whit McMillan, Director of Education at the South Carolina Aquarium and Patrick and Lauren Kelly, founders of the Sea Islands Local Outlet (SILO) as guest presenters. Their talks will address food for the future; considering the long-term viability of marine species and produce, and associated farming practices. 

healthy culinaryJoin us to gain insight on how our seafood and produce choices as consumers, suppliers, and distributors, and farming and fishery practices can reduce environmental impact, strengthen the local economy, and provide better nutrition – a trifecta of benefits that support sustainable communities!  Admission is FREE with advanced online registration!

Whit McMillan
, Director of Education at the South Carolina Aquarium, was instrumental in starting the Sustainable Seafood Initiative, a program designed to promote the use of local and sustainable seafood in South Carolina’s restaurants.  It helps ensure that we have fish for the future by teaching chefs about sustainable and local seafood, assessing their menus, and encouraging consumers to dine at the more than 100 partner restaurants in the state. It also encourages improvement of fishing and fish-farming methods. Whit holds an MS in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston where he has Adjunct Faculty status and teaches interpretation and communication of science.   He serves on the ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve Advisory Board and the Alicia Spaulding and Paolozzi Foundation Board.  He is an engaging speaker and very passionate about influencing change for sustainability.

Patrick and Lauren Kelly are co-owners of Sea Islands Local Outlets (SILO) connecting local farmers and producers directly with the customer, while fostering a community passionate about its food and where it comes from.  As purveyors of locally produced food, and regulars at the local farmer’s market, they recognized a need for a program to improve how local growers/food purveyors connect with a community for high value offerings that impact economy, quality of life and the environment. Lauren, Patrick, and their two other partners Garrett and  Katie Budds established SILO; Patrick describes SILO as “part a ready-to-go and once-a week pick-up shopfront, part Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and part food co-op.” Lauren loves seeing people come to the shop, interact, and learn about Beaufort's local food opportunities, and also appreciates the ability SILO has to help shape and reinforce a vibrant local food economy in Beaufort.

As a planner by trade, Lauren embraces the proactive, systemic thinking that advances community sustainability.  She has worked with world renowned planning firm of Duany Plater‐Zyberk & Co. (DPZ) in both their Miami and Charlotte offices.  Her work there contributed to planning the profession’s most sustainable communities and initiatives.  She also co‐authored The Light Imprint Handbook: Integrating Sustainability and Community Design, a manual that promotes context sensitive stormwater design, and currently works in the Planning Department at the City of Beaufort, ensuring that Beaufort retains the characteristics that make it special, while allowing it to grow in the best way possible. 

Patrick was also a Designer with DPZ in the Charlotte office before relocating to Beaufort in 2008. He participated in numerous sustainable planning efforts, including the Katrina Inspired Learning Cottage and Light Imprint New Urbanism, and was certified as a LEED-accredited professional in 2006.  Patrick also helped found the Carolinas Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, which he has chaired since 2007.  As Project Manager with the Habersham Land Company in Beaufort, he oversees development, architectural review, and business recruitment for the “new town” of Habersham.  Patrick and Lauren have forged relationships with local farmers, producers, and artisans; allowing them to understand their needs and capabilities, and SILO is making its mark in our area as a leader for sustainability via distribution of local agriculture, a key component to food systems that support building sustainable communities.

Admission is FREE with advanced registration.


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green businessThe purpose of Profit Green, Experience Green's education offering for businesses, is to equip decision makers and professionals with tools and knowledge to guide our sustainable economic journey. These learning opportunities will connect successful green entrepreneurs, green business leaders, and those who seek to learn from this collective wisdom for new prosperity.


Profit Green Workshops will cover topics including the following:

• Going Green without Greenwashing
• Going Green Affordably
• Sustainable Business Strategy and Profit
• Green Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism
• Real Estate and Socially Responsible Investing
• Green Printing, Promotion, and Marketing
• Sustainability, Community, and the Green Economy
• How to Profit from the Green Movement
• Green Design Collaboration

• Carbon Footprint Calculation
• Greening Existing Assets
• Sustainable Waste Management
• Green Credentials, Standards, and Certifications
• Increased Profitability with Green Energy
• Green Business Opportunities
• Sustainable Business Practices 101
• Green Facility Management
• Profitable Green Environments


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Profit Green is designed to broaden decision makers' working knowledge while helping them succeed in a highly competitive, global economy.


• Help participants understand how and why sustainability is a business mega-trend 
• Connect business to the concept of sustainable society 
• Develop leadership for sustainability in the local business community 
• Promote green business practices to reduce costs, engage employees and boost profits 
• Define opportunities for value creation in business through sustainability 
• Prepare small businesses for when (not if) the customer asks about your sustainable practices

October 2013, Date TBD
Check back for program and early bird registration discount details!

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network greenExperience Green serves as a connector and catalyst for businesses and consumers seeking sustainable resources. We are pleased to offer Network Green for individuals and businesses seeking sustainable solutions, as well as green professionals, and green businesses interested in practices that promote sustainability.

As a consumer, networking can assist your journey to go green as you meet and learn from others about how they are implementing sustainable practices in everyday living and business. Meet others with shared interests to collaborate and create green solutions.

As a green professional or business, networking is an effective and inexpensive way of prospecting customers and connecting with others who can help your business grow. Experience Green seeks to provide a platform for you to meet the key people who could become your clients, suppliers and support systems.

Network Green takes place with the Live Green and Profit Green workshop offerings. There is no admission fee, but your advanced registration is requested as part of the workshop sign up process. Display tables are available to showcase green products and services.  Email for more info on this opportunity.


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Sustainability in GolfOctober 3 – 4, 2013
Sustainability in Golf — Beyond the Green is a pioneering initiative bringing together multiple golf industry segments to advance sustainability to benefit the planet, its people, and prosperity through the golf industry (also known as the triple bottom line). This unique event will take place October 3-4, 2013 at The Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC, and will take a comprehensive look at sustainability in the golf industry; and follows Experience Green’s highly successful 2012 RBC Greening Golf workshops.

Experience Green, in partnership with the Sea Pines Resort is bringing together regional, national and international experts, professionals and practitioners to share insights, case studies, and the practical knowledge needed to advance a culture of sustainability. The experiential learning format will include presentations, discussions, demonstrations, networking and recreation, including a tour of Sea Pines Resort’s Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary program certified golf courses. It will also develop continuing education credits for qualifying professionals in attendance. Registration opens July 15, 2013, please check back for additional details.